Flexmls FAQ

Here we will the answers to the most frequently asked question about the Flexmls transition.


When will we begin using Flexmls?

November 29 – December 12: Flexmls will run parallel with Paragon

Setting Flexmls into parallel mode means that listings will be updated within an hour of being added or edited in Paragon. You will continue to add information into Paragon and should check Flexmls for updates.

December 8: All final changes to listings must be made in Paragon in order to be carried over to Flexmls. Paragon will go read-only (no listing edits) at midnight.
December 9: Final push of data from Paragon to Flexmls.

December 13: Flexmls goes live, access to Paragon ends. 

How do I log in to Flexmls?

Go to www.flexmls.com

Username: Begins with “glo” followed by a period (.) then your Paragon username. They are lower case and are case sensitive. If you previously had a WAR prefix, this prefix has been removed.

Password: The temporary password is “glonow.” The first time users log in, you will be forced to change the password to something unique.

Who do I contact for Flexmls help?

When To Contact Your MLS
Some questions can only be answered by your MLS. Contact your MLS with questions regarding your membership in the MLS or its policies and procedures. The list below contains examples of questions that are best answered by your MLS.

List of Questions

Global MLS Tech Support


When To Contact Third Parties
If you have questions about third-party products such as ShowingTime, Zipforms, CRS, etc contact your third-party software provider or Global MLS Tech Support.

Click here for a list of third-party products and contact information.

Global MLS Tech Support


Still need help?
Reach out to the team of Flexmls experts!
Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 10 PM Eastern

How do I report errors that I find in my listings?

The full system is not functional yet, you should only be looking into your contacts and searches (which you can now create), and for any data missing in your listings that are in the system.

If you find incorrect or missing information, please send an email to flexmlsquestions@globalmls.com

For the staff to understand how to best assist you, please provide the listing number, where you were in flex, what is wrong, and what it should be.

What should I be doing in Flexmls once I have access?
  1. Check out help.flexmls.com
  2. Look at your listing data and check for discrepancies.
  3. Review your transferred contacts and saved searches (once loaded)
  4. Setup new searches and/or attach existing saved searches to their contacts (Paragon does not supply in the data which searches belong to which contacts)
  5. Setup subscriptions (auto emails)
  6. Attend a webinar and/or live training class.
What will happen to clients and their searches that are currently saved in paragon?

We have been told that all contacts will be transferred to Flexmls.

This being said, it is a good business practice to have a backup of important information such as contacts and saved searches. 

Click here for instructions to save your searches and export your contacts.

What will transfer from Paragon to Flexmls?
  1. Listings
  2. Contacts (D0 not add any new contacts to Paragon after November 25th)
  3. Saved Searches (yet to be determined how many will be transferred, Paragon nests their saved searches differently than Flexmls, please prepare for some to not transfer) These searches will load sometime in the first week of parallel. Learn how to save your saved searches here.
What will NOT transfer from Paragon?
  1. Incomplete (Partial) Listings
  2. CMA’s
  3. Portals
  4. Custom templates made by members (email templates, search templates, custom dashboards, etc)
  5. RETS or API Feeds, IDX frame-able search templates
  6. Subscriptions/auto emails that you have set up for clients/customers
Will MLS listing numbers change?
MLS listing numbers will remain the same as they were in Paragon.
Will third party integrations still be available in Flexmls?

Yes, the following third-party services will still be available for Global MLS members:

  1. CRS
  2. Supra
  3. Zipforms/Transaction Desk/MLS Connect
  4. ShowingTime/10k
  5. RPR
  6. RE Technology
  7. Times Union
  8. Move/Listhub/REALTOR.com


Style Changes

Some styles have become property sub-types and have been mapped as such since their names have been removed from styles.

Some fields have had adjustments made to them. In order to map the fields as closely as possible, changes may have occurred, for example, zoning may be different as it has become a limited choice field (additional Zoning should be placed in the remarks section).

The following ‘uses’ in commercial have been remapped to a property sub-type and should match CIREB:

  • Mixed-Use – Apartment Plus, Boarding House, Commercial House, Commercial House Plus
  • Business – Business
  • Farm – Farm
  • Garage – Retail

The following architectural styles have been remapped to a property sub-type in residential and residential lease:

  • Condominium – Condominium Unit
  • Farm – Farm
  • Townhouse – Townhouse

The following architectural styles have been remapped to a property sub-type in residential lease:

  • Multifamily – Multifamily and 1-4 Level Unit
  • Apartment – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Floor Apartment, Apt Building or Basement Apt, update property subtype to Apartment

The following architectural styles have been remapped to a property sub-type in multifamily only:

  • Duplex – Duplex-Over/Under or Duplex-Side by Side
  • Triplex – Triplex
  • Quadruplex – Quads
Status Changes

The following status changes have occurred:

Active – A listing contract is in place between the listing member and seller.
Previously in Paragon – Active, Back on Market, Price Change, Extended, New

Expired – The term of the listing contract has ended.

Pending – A purchase agreement has been executed, but has not been satisfied at closing.
Previously in Paragon – Lease Option

Contingent – Continue to Show – Sub-Status of Pending that is included in Active searches – This status will automatically show in active listing searches, even though the listings are pending.Previously in Paragon – Active Under Contract

Closed Listing – A purchase agreement was executed and satisfied at closing.

Withdrawn Listing – The seller wants the listing temporarily taken off the MLS system but has not terminated the listing contract. Withdrawn listings remain in Flexmls but are not available to show. A withdrawn listing expires when its end date is reached.
Previously in Paragon – Withdrawn-Conditional, Temp Off Market

Cancel Listing – The listing contract was terminated before the expiration of the term of the contract.
Previously in Paragon – With-Unconditional<

Please Note

Active Under Contract Listings have been changed to Pending – Continue to Show and the status change date for that status will be used for the Under Contract date.

Withdrawn Temporary – Formerly TOMK will not automatically become active again.

Field Changes
The Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) Data Dictionary (DD) ensures that each technology system “speaks” the same language. By using consistent terms and data structures as a common standard, DD provides a template that data providers can follow to format the most common fields.
The purpose of this change is to make sharing data and integrating new products/services for our customers as easy as possible while ensuring adherence to the highest standards of data integrity. A benefit of being DD compliant is for those who subscribe to a product that utilizes MLS data, meeting this industry-standard will allow for faster development times and consistency across multiple data providers.

In order to map the field as closely as possible, changes have occurred. For example, ‘Zoning’ may be different as it has become a limited choice field. Additional ‘Zoning’ should be placed in the remarks sections)

Living Area = Above Grade Finished Area + Below Grade Finished Area

Building Area Total = Living Area + any additional useable building area (garage, etc).

Total Finished SqFt was previously used in Paragon to capture this data.

Some of the property sub-types for commercial listings were difficult to map as there was more than one type showing in the listing, please check on the property sub-types for your listings.

The field for Buyer Zipcode will now come up when the status is changed to pending while you have contractual data in front of you

Required Fields

There are new required fields that will need to be completed once any change is made on your listing.

  • Sub-types are required
  • Unit Possession is required for all sub-types under Multifamily
  • Lease Term is required in Resi Lease
  • In commercial listings, Building Area Total is required (Global MLS has added the same conditional logic as CIREB)
  • Sale or Lease Includes is required in Global MLS Commercial

Flexmls Recorded Training

This is a recording of the class that was offered live and via zoom the week of December 7th.

Flexmls Tips

Expired Listing Notifications
Under Menu, General Preferences, there is a setting for an expiring listing notification that you can select to turn on. You can set how long before the expiration date that you want to get the first warning. Once within the 7-day range, the notices go out once per day.

Expire Date is the new Expiration date



If there is no data in the field, will the field will not show up on reports

  • Private Reports are for members of the MLS only.
    • When you need to see full information make sure you are looking at the private reports
  • Public Reports are for your contacts and syndication sites.
  • Subscriptions are auto emails to the clients’ inbox, Portals are a personal website for clients to view the listings. Some clients may want and can have both.
    • When you add a subscription for clients (much like the collab center in Paragon), when it shows as pending to you, the client has not yet signed in to accept it. When clients’ get the email, they should click the “Yes, please send me these listings” button.

Flexmls Resources

Field Names
Many of the field names will be changing in Flexmls to be RESO compliant.
Download a detailed list of all field changes here.

Things to know about Flexmls
A list of useful things to know about Flexmls that may differ from Paragon.
Download the list here.

Sub-Area Codes
Sub-areas are NOT being used in Flexmls. The list below includes the number and corresponding area name so that you can update your searches in Flexmls.
Download the list here.