The Global Multiple Listing Service is composed of a dynamic community of professionals who create a healthy, efficient marketplace bringing together clients who wish to sell and those who seek to buy each and every day. About

A Far-Reaching Platform

Global MLS is the platform upon which participants and subscribers bring transactions together to publish, price, negotiate and appraise residential and commercial listings hundreds of times a day.

Thousands of sales agents, brokers and appraisers use the power of the Global MLS to cooperate while competing – always with the same goal in mind – make homeownership happen. Maintaining a community, connections, and the integrity of the information, the Global MLS helps make the market work.

The Power of Global MLS

Thank you for your investment in the Global MLS. As the largest multiple listing service in the region, your decision to have the local real estate market at your fingertips with a variety of technology tools was a smart one. Participation in the Global MLS will impress your clients, grow your business and take you wherever you want to go as a real estate professional.

That’s the power of your MLS.