Supra is a leading global provider of key management solutions. The Supra real estate lockbox system is managed today by real estate associations and Multiple Listing Services for real estate agents to efficiently market and show listed homes.

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Sell More Homes, Faster

With the eKEY® app, get efficient access and powerful information. Managing keyboxes is simple. Set listing access hours, customize shackle codes, and track keybox inventory.

iBox BT LE
More models of smartphones and tablets communicate directly with the iBox BT LE keybox than any other Supra keybox. No additional hardware is required for most phones, including the newest models of iPhone and iPad.

iBox BT LE is equipped with the same large key container as the iBox BT, that can hold both gate cards and keys. The shackle is​ completely removed from the key box for easy handling when placing the iBox BT LE on a property.

The iBox BT LE communi​cates directly with most phones or tablets via infrared (IR), Bluetooth® (BT), and Low-Energy Bluetooth (BT LE) technologies.

(once downloaded, you must call Global MLS for an activation code)

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