Flexmls is coming to Global MLS in Mid-December

After considerable review and consideration of various MLS vendors, the systems, and the industry’s current climate, the Global MLS, Inc. Board of Directors is pleased to announce the move to a new MLS platform. Global MLS has contracted with FBS, Inc. to offer members the Flexmls platform beginning December 13, 2021.

Flexmls is fully optimized for mobile use offering a modern, easy-to-use system with continuity between a cell phone, desktop, or tablet while providing the immediate syncing of live listing information and access to all of the users’ contacts and saved searches. The Flexmls app for homebuyers will help members build client relationships through effective branding and built-in messaging for easy communication.

As always, the Global MLS leadership and staff seek not only to meet but to exceed member expectations by providing the most up-to-date systems and customer service. We look forward to a smooth transition!>

More About Flexmls

Designed to work like an agent
By applying years of user-behavior data and research to product design your Flexmls experience will closely mirror your actual workflow. Finding information and taking action is fast and simple with the Flexmls 3-step search, find, act approach. Agents quickly find and take action without ever losing their place.

Learn one, know all
Laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet – Flexmls looks, feels, and behaves the same. Highly customizable and designed to work like you.

Awesome mobile
Flexmls apps are hands-down the best mobile MLS, delivering total continuity, immediate sync of live listing information, and access to everything (contacts, subscriptions, and saved searches).

Flexmls portals: build customer relationships for life
You can build customer relationships for life using powerful Flexmls Portals. Portals use your branding, so clients are always reminded of the value you provide. Clients can connect with you and engage through built-in messaging, to easily share and communicate about listings.

Floplan: new Flexmls floor plan app
Every home has a flow and every listing needs a floor plan. The FlōPlan system allows you to produce top-notch floor plans overnight! All you do is walk through your property which generates a scan on your smartphone. Once complete, your floor plan can be easily linked directly to your listing inside Flexmls.

Flexmls Training

Global MLS will provide training for the new system. Stay tuned, the schedule will be released soon.

In the meantime, you can check out the Flexmls Academy for pre-recorded training to familiarize yourself with the program.