Flexmls: Photos 101

Let’s talk photos—an essential part of the Add Listing process. In Flexmls, you can add or remove photos, rearrange the order, add titles and captions, change the primary photo, rotate photos, and change photo privacy. Below, you will find resources (guided tour, recorded training, and written help) that walk you through the process—but we’ve also called out a few key things.


  • Max file size is 15 MB or 3000 x 2000 pixels.
  • The primary listing photo cannot be deleted. This is the photo with the blue box around it when you are uploading/editing photos. To mark a different photo as primary, click the flag icon.
  • Your MLS sets the maximum number of photos per listing.
  • Changes to photos are saved automatically.

Recorded Training
Adding and Changing Listings (skip to 22:38 for adding photos)

Guided Tours (must login to Flexmls to access)
Uploading and Managing Photos

Written Help
Adding or Changing Listing Photos