Global MLS Feed FAQs

What is IDX?
IDX is the method by which you can share a home search and available listings with your customers and prospects, on a public-facing website. It’s a great way to engage new leads!


What is a SmartFrame?
SmartFrame is an entry-level plug-n-play IDX solution, it typically fits well for websites created using products like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace.


What is VOW?
A Virtual Office Website is a broker website that allows consumers to access all of the non-confidential information in the MLS after registering with a REALTOR®.


What is a One Data Source feed?
A single data feed in accordance with the participants’ licensed authorized uses. This creates efficiencies for brokers who participate in an MLS and who use MLS data for multiple purposes. The data feed must be in compliance with RESO standards.  There may be downsides of this type of feed for questions please contact the Global MLS.


What is a WordPress Plugin?
WordPress Plugin is add-on software specifically for WordPress websites that provides IDX search and display options for your website. With a Plugin, you can typically manage most IDX functionality from within the WordPress dashboard itself.


What is an IDX/Data Feed?
IDX data feeds are different ways that data is transported from your MLS to your website. RETS and API are the two most common types of data feed.


Do I want an IDX or RETS feed?
Effective 4/1/23 all feeds will be from an API, RETS feeds will be terminated.


What is a SmartFrame?
SmartFrame is FBS’ entry-level, plug-n-play IDX solution, and is a perfect fit for any website including Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace.


Can I show just My Listings?
YES! You can provide both a full MLS search and a link to showcase just your own listings on your website. In fact, we recommend that you have links for both.


Do I need a Developer?
Maybe not. If you use the SmartFrame or WordPress Plugin, you don’t need a Developer. However, if you are looking for a more customized or sophisticated implementation, a developer might be a good idea. Neither solution requires any coding knowledge, however for API or RETS, a developer is required in order to program data into a user interface.


What is IDX Approval?
All MLSs or Associations require agents or brokers to obtain approval for access to IDX data. The process varies by the data use you are looking for and may include forms and fees.  Contact the Global MLS by calling 518-464-8913 or email .


When is IDX data updated?
It depends on how the data is accessed and the company you are working with. Some IDX providers download new data and update their IDX products every 15 minutes, others much less frequently. Flexmls IDX data is always as fresh as your MLS system.


Are there online tutorials?
Absolutely! There are educational webinars, articles, videos, downloads and more in the flexmls Success Academy