Important Announcement! Floor Plans For All!

We’re sure you’ve heard the buzz from the launch of the FloPlan® Upgrade for all Flexmls Subscribers. We believe that a floor plan on every listing should be a standard for all listings and that this specific technology makes it fast, easy, and affordable. So much so that we’ve decided to license the FloPlan® System for Flexmls and all of our members.

What’s In It For YOU?

By licensing the FloPlan System we are buying down your cost of a completed floor plan from $29 to just $12 each. One home, one scan, one floor plan, one simple price: $12.

What is the FloPlan System?
The FloPlan System is an easy-to-use app + floor plan manager by FBS (a leading provider of industry technology), that gives you the ability to instantly improve your listing content by easily creating floor plans and linking them to your listings.

Why FloPlan?
We licensed the FloPlan System for a few very important reasons, the most important? To help you better meet customer needs with this frequently requested media element. We have a unique advantage as the local experts of this MLS to improve the home buying experience for everyone with something new and valuable: a floor plan on every listing.

Here are some specifics: 

  1. Floor plans give homebuyers what they want. As listings have continued to move online and more consumers are searching for homes from their phones, customers continue to expect more information available online. Homebuyers have repeatedly expressed their desire for floor plans to help them make purchasing decisions. It’s time we give them what they want!
  2. Floor plans improve our market by improving the home search experience. Floor plans by FloPlan take the guesswork out of looking at homes online by instantly showing customers the flow, making sense of photos, narrowing their choices, and deciding which properties are worth a visit with you.
  3. Floor Plans on your listings will help get homes sold. 

There’s more to come –  stay tuned as we continue to send information about FloPlan! Check out the FloPlan website to see more!