Updates to the Global MLS Rules & Regulations

The Global MLS Rules & Regulations have been updated and approved by the Global MLS Board of Directors.

In this version, you will note the following:

  • There is a table of contents that should help you find the rules you are looking for.
  • There is a notation of the previous section of the rules that you would have found the same information. It will be removed after this version.
  • The first section after the Table of Contents reviews the changes to the current set of rules; that section will be changed every time new or adjusted rules are approved.

There are not many new things in this version. However, there are some distinct changes.  For example, a section on New Construction brings all the rules on New Construction together under one heading.

Our hope in the new format is that you better understand the rules you are asked to comply with.

You can access the new rules the same way you would access the previous version in Flexmls.

  • On the Menu bar, type in INTRANET
  • Click on MLS Intranet
  • Once there, click on Rules, Contracts, and Withdrawals
  • Click on the new document Global MLS Rules & Regulations 10-3-23